Get Refund For Recycling

Bottle Drive

Are you looking to raise funds for your organization, school, or charity? Our Bottle Drive service is the perfect solution! Organize a bottle collection event, and we’ll help you with the logistics. From providing collection bins to handling the recycling process, we’ll support you every step of the way. By choosing Beaumont Bottle Depot for your Bottle Drive, you not only raise funds but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

Free Pickup

We understand that sometimes transporting recyclables to our depot may not be convenient for everyone. That’s why we offer a Free Pickup service for businesses, schools, and community organizations. Simply schedule a pickup, and our team will come to your location to collect the recyclables. It’s our way of making recycling hassle-free for you.

Community Program

Our Community Program is geared towards fostering a culture of sustainability in local communities. Whether you’re part of a neighborhood association, community center, or any other group, we encourage you to join hands with Beaumont Bottle Depot for your recycling initiatives. Together, we can make a significant difference in creating a cleaner and greener community.

School Program

We believe in nurturing environmental responsibility from a young age. Our School Program is designed to educate and engage students in recycling practices. Through interactive workshops and engaging activities, we instill the importance of recycling and its positive impact on the planet. Let’s empower the next generation to be eco-conscious citizens!