Bottle Drive Tips

  • Get to Know your Depot Owner : Your local Depot owner has participated in hundreds of bottle drives. He can help you plan your event and give you advice on how to best get the donations in his system so you get to spend more time doing the collecting.
  • Tools of the Trade : Depots have tools like megabags and bagstands that help them do their work. Many Depots have some of these tools available to help you run a more successful bottle drive. Ask them what they have to help you earn more money.
  • Stick to beverage containers : Make sure you are familiar with what can earn you money - like empty beverage containers - and what will create problems for you - like becoming their recycling bin. You don't have time or space to be hauling their trash or recyclables around. If you are not familiar with what is eligible for a deposit refund check out "Get cash for these containers" on this website.
  • Plan well in advance. Advertise and promote your drive to the households you plan to pick up from. Remember – you are asking for donations so be sure to profile your cause.We can assist you with posters and advance household flyers to maximize your collection volume.
  • Have enough volunteers to pick-up door-to-door, and also to sort at your staging site or the depot. Plan to cover a lot of ground!
  • ALWAYS book your bottle drive with us well in advance. Otherwise we can’t ensure you get any extra help or special use of our facilities and you may spend a lot of time waiting.